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This Is My Unconventional Way Of Handling My Mental Health Issues, You Should Try It Too

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Mental health issues are scary. They are so deeply embedded in some people over a coating of superficial happiness that more often than not, it goes undetected.

We are fortunate to be part of a generation that is slowly gathering the courage to voice their opinions, their experiences about mental health. What’s terrifying about mental health issues is that you never know who is going through a difficult phase. Because it is only when you break through the outer exterior and try to dig into how the person is feeling, do you truly realize the magnitude of darkness the person is trying to cope with?

I am Shalini Magdel Das and this is my story. At the age of 7, I was diagnosed with mental stress due to which I was under therapy sessions. At the age of 16, I embarked on a solo trip, with immense help, motivation, and support from my parents. I went to Coonoor for an entire month, it was then when I realized how much traveling affected my mood swings and my mental health issues for the better.

Still, sometimes it wasn't easy. I continued to struggle with the darkness in my head and the heaviness in my soul. There were good weeks and bad weeks. Needless to say, there were two suicide attempts as well. By then, I realized and continued therapy regularly.

Even though I visited a couple of psychiatrists, they still couldn’t pin a name to my condition. After coming across a few pages on social media that spoke about depression, bipolar disorders, and other mental health issues I realized I wasn’t alone. I continued to talk about depression and the social stigma in the society that surrounds it.

However, instead of friends reaching out to support me or encourage I was called an ‘attention seeker’ or a ‘drama queen’ or ‘crazy’. Eventually, I found 3-4 friends who were genuinely concerned for me and used to constantly check-in.

Today, I am a 25 yr old traveler who always loves traveling as my parents would travel a lot due to work, they would travel around in India. They would travel to offbeat budget-friendly destinations and we would make countless memories. So, I have learned a lot and grown over the years to live and be lost in nature when it comes to traveling.

Off beat India travel, is more important to me, to know where we belong. To know our roots. To know our land, our country, our culture. India is overloaded with different cultures, food, structures, languages and so much more.

We need to be responsible for our own country. As an individual, we need to take ownership of knowing where we belong as I have mentioned. So currently, I have traveled 16states and 3 UT. I would love to complete all the states and UT before I turn 27.

I'm known as lostloveadventure on social media as I thought I lost love but then I never lost it as I love adventure more than anything. I want to conclude by saying talk it out, voice it out. Ask the people you love about not only their physical health but their mental and emotional health too. You never know what a person is going through until you delve in deep.

Judge less, love more. Be kinder, it helps people more than you know.

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