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I Was Constantly Told To Sleep In Bras To Maintain Modesty…

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*For representational purpose only.

My journey began when I relocated from the United Kingdom to Delhi to start a new chapter with my husband, whom I met during our university days.

Marriage ushered me into a multi-generational Sikh joint family, where 11 family members and several live-in staff became integral to my daily life. Having grown up sharing my home with family and flatmates in the UK, adjusting to the traditional norms of my husband's family in Delhi posed unexpected challenges.

Little did I know, my biggest cultural clash wouldn't be language or spices but something far more personal: the bra.

In Delhi, where traditions run deep, things took a sharp turn. Living with elders in my husband's family meant adhering to their values, and that included always wearing a bra for modesty.

I scoured for solutions to blend modesty with comfort, but nothing quite hit the spot. Nipple covers, tape, bras—you name it, I tried it. Some days, I’d resort to draping a shawl just to avoid the discomfort of wearing a bra, especially when answering the door. And don’t even get me started on the advice to sleep in one!

I would be continuously told to sleep in my bra since that’s what the women in my family do to maintain modesty around men and staff in our home.

The real struggle hit during Delhi's scorching summers, with temperatures soaring to a sweltering 45°C. The combination of heat and bra discomfort became unbearable.

Starting a business was never part of the plan. Delhi was supposed to be the stage for a consulting venture with my husband and a friend. But the daily battle with bras, compounded by my larger chest size, made me realise this was a shared problem among women in India.

In 2020, I took matters into my own hands. Prototype after prototype, I envisioned a solution that bridged the gap between comfort and modesty.

Three years later, in February 2023, Lootee was born—a revolutionary braless t-shirt designed to liberate women from discomfort.

Honestly, I'm surprised we haven't found a better answer to this age-old issue of comfort and modesty!

Lootee, for me, is much more than just a business; it’s a struggle that millions of women in India and across the world struggle with, whether that is simply that you don’t enjoy wearing bras, the cultural expectations, or developing teens who aren’t ready yet! And mothers who have just given birth. The possibilities are endless, and I truly believe this is the future for women’s comfort.

Imagine a world where bras are a choice, not a necessity. A world where Lootee hangs proudly in every closet is a silent symbol of empowerment. That's the revolution I'm fighting for, one comfortable t-shirt at a time.

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