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power of
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All stories in the world have one thing in common - they make everyday people say, “I have a story too”. That is the power of storytelling, it turns a non-writer into a storyteller. We polish and publish stories written mostly by first-time writers, that have the ability to change hearts, minds and lives. Our business thrives on empathy, and empathy makes you act.

Relatable stories that imbibe feelings get higher engagement than the ubiquitous easy-to-read snackable content. Our in-depth research shows that standing up for something incites more conversations than stating facts. We've seen it with our content, readers share and act upon stories that have a strong voice. If a brand tells a story people really really care about, it motivates and drives action.

Who's doing all the reacting, sharing, commenting and writing?

The most important demographic for advertisers: smart, urban, affluent, millennial women.

80% Female

55% Biggest Metros

85% Mobile

84% Millennial

46% Tech-Savvy

Which makes
all the

You'll be surprised to know how many people actually care in this big bad world, they just need a reason and that reason can be you. Our stories don't just get shared, they inspire people to take action, do something. That is because every story that we publish wakes up the conscience of the millions of people who read us everyday.

Be it a housewife, a daughter, an enraged daughter-in-law, a hopeless lover - they all care and they ACT by writing their own stories.

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