About Us

AkkarBakkar is here to do relevant journalism for people, by the people. And guess what? We have a plan. Our plan includes you. Here, on this platform, the press doesn't represent you, it IS you.

We do realize that some stories don't need a face or name, but they need an audience. And that's exactly why you can choose to tell your story anonymously on the platform.

We will publish every single story or news that we think is #relevantjournalism. For us, 'relevant journalism' is what happens every day in people's lives, rather than what happened today.

We don't care about 'breaking news', we care about you and your stories because, for us, your story is newsworthy.

So go on, tell us. What's your story?

For brand partnerships, please email at diksha@akkarbakkar.com with your queries

To apply as an editor/translator in any language, please email us at hello@akkarbakkar.com with your CV and sample work

For anything else and your feedback on the app, write to us at hello@akkarbakkar.com