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This June I Reached The Five-Year Cancer Free Mark, And I Can’t Help But Feel Grateful…

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I was just 22 years old when I was diagnosed with sarcoma, a type of lung cancer. I remember in June 2019, when the doctors told me I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I was shocked to learn that, as a nonsmoker at such a young age, I had developed lung cancer. I felt terrible, numb, and shattered. It felt like suddenly I was not sure about tomorrow.

The journey ahead was so scary. I had to undergo 32 rounds of chemotherapy and endure 56 sessions of radiation. Chemotherapy was particularly exhausting, especially the five-day stretches. The side effects were so much vomiting, fatigue, and moments of weakness that forced me into a wheelchair to get to the hospital. Seeing myself in that state was incredibly tough.

Then came the hair loss. I knew it was coming, but accepting it was another matter entirely.

Every time I looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but cry; it was so hard to accept it. Thankfully, I had a wig to help me through those difficult moments.

Throughout it all, staying positive was essential, as losing hope would make going through chemotherapy much harder. I had faith in God, and my father was my pillar of strength, always encouraging me to be hopeful and positive. I also found support from my counsellor, Ms. Vandana Mahajan; she had a very positive outlook. She never gave me false hopes but also taught me how to stay positive in bad times.

Throughout the treatment, my father has been my biggest support system. After completing my treatment, I felt the urge to share my story and raise awareness about cancer.

I used to watch a YouTube channel called Tiffany Thinks during the treatment, so I decided to start a personal blog. I realised that people are more interested in hearing from someone who has been through that journey than from a random person speaking about it. So, I began sharing my experiences; previously, I collaborated with a few platforms to spread awareness, and now I am a part of Lung Connect. I aim to spread awareness among people that we can defeat cancer together.

As I reach the five-year mark of being cancer-free this June, I can't help but feel grateful.

I have also received two awards for inspiring fellow cancer patients like me. For those currently battling cancer, my message is simple: keep fighting. It's okay to feel low at times, but never lose hope. These patients are taking chemotherapies and radiation every day, so we can overcome this pain as well. You need to also remember that hair loss is temporary—it's a small price to pay for the chance at a healthy, cancer-free future.

One of the proudest moments of my journey was completing my chemotherapy after the second round of cancer. I was very proud of myself that day.

Looking ahead, my goals have changed a bit. While I still aim to achieve success in my field of electronics engineering, my primary focus is on spreading awareness about cancer and supporting those in need.

As a member of Lung Connect, an NGO dedicated to lung cancer patients, I am committed to making a difference. There is one big problem for middle-class people during their cancer journey. That is finance. I want to do some fundraising campaigns to help people. I hope to reach more people and encourage them to contribute to the cause, ensuring that no one faces the battle against cancer alone.

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