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I’m A Married Man, And I Cook Every Day In The Kitchen For My Family. Here’s Why…

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*For representational purpose only.

All human beings are special, and the bond between male and female (be it any relationship) is too special. Happy Women's Day to all! 

While dedicating a single day to celebrate women is important, I personally believe that each and every day should be Women's Day. For me, every day is truly a women's day as I walk hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with all the women I am surrounded by. 

Here's why I say every day is Women's Day: I'm surrounded by a wonderful circle of five incredible women close to my heart, which fills each day with meaning. Cynthia, wife; Shanaya, daughter; Rita, mom; Asha, sister; Riya, niece; Usually I start my day by waking up alongside Cynthia with a smile and a warm greeting and asking her about her restful sleep. I check in with my mom and daughter, asking how they are and if they slept well. I prepare breakfast and lunch together with my wife before heading to the office. Lastly, I accompany Cynthia to her workplace and drop her off. 

I text Cynthia upon reaching the office, "Reached, TC, love you..." Similarly, at 1 p.m., I remind her, "It's lunch time." In the evening, it's coordinating to pick Cynthia up from work and head home together, or ensuring she has safe transportation if she leaves early. After coming home, it's cooking and enjoying dinner together, and then tackling household chores like washing dishes. Preparing bed with her, sitting and having a nice talk and fun with all three ladies, and wishing them all a very sweet good night. That's how my day looks, and hence, I say it's every woman's day for me.

This is how my Sundays look: She dedicates herself to household chores like cleaning and laundry while also preparing special dishes. planning each day, week, month, and year to ensure all our needs are met equally. A household where both can take decisions together and enjoy equal freedom is empowerment to me. Supporting her in pursuing her passion, such as baking, by assisting with arrangements, cleaning, and organisation, is another way I honour her every day. Taking on responsibilities like grocery shopping, cleaning, and organising to ease her burden. I spend quality time with my daughter, actively listening to her thoughts. I care for my mother, ensuring she enjoys her well-deserved rest and shielding her from stress or worries.

Every interaction with my sister and niece, offering support whenever they need it, and staying connected regularly. Hence, I ask, why celebrate women on just one particular day? Women need to be celebrated every day.  It's crucial to make them feel cherished, supported, and empowered every single day. Be together, stand together, grow together, work together, give them freedom, give them space, be happy, feel happy, love them, and take care of them. Do this daily, regularly.

To all the wonderful ladies out there: You are all special and deserving of equal care and respect. 

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