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I’m A Teenager and My Parents Disowned Me Because I’m Queer…

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*For representational purpose only.

I always wanted to make my parents proud and not think of me as such a loser. But they made me feel like I was always disappointing them. 

I felt like I messed up everything I tried to do. 

Right before my 12th board results, I was with my lover, who was of the same sex. We’re having some alone time together, and one thing led to another, and we were making out. 

My parents were out during this, and when they opened the door, they saw that we were getting intimate.

 I didn’t even get a chance to explain to them; they made me feel horrible and asked me to leave the house.

I still remember my dad telling me that I’m not his anymore. I knew I wouldn’t get any support, but I never thought they’d abandon me. 

I never thought they’d disown me for not being who they wanted me to be. 

As a teenager, how much can I do? I stayed with my friends, I did part-time jobs, I borrowed clothes, and I did everything to keep myself alive. 

I didn’t go back to them again; I saved up my money and rented out a small place. 

I was always good at studies, and I tried so hard to get a scholarship. 

I know I haven’t done anything to make them proud, but they can’t make me ashamed of myself just because of my orientation.

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