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I Was Expelled From School, Now I'm Representing India Globally...

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I got kicked out of school for bad behaviour and failing grades. My traditional middle-class parents were very upset by this. But surprisingly, that's what lit a fire in me to channel my energy into martial arts. I felt like I had nothing to lose!

The first time I stepped onto the mats, I was hooked. The discipline, the adrenaline, and the sheer art of combat skills—it gave me the rush I craved. And I was ready to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to be the best.
I chose Kudo because it is a full-contact mixed martial art with elements from karate, judo, and other disciplines. Kudo values safety, science, and practical skills, which appealed to me. 

My Kudo journey reflects my determination to overcome difficulties and better myself. Over the years, I scored knockout after knockout, pinning opponent after opponent into submission. 

In Kudo, I became the Junior World Champion in 2017, which was an honour. I’ve also won 18 national golds in a row, showing my skill. 

Recently, I represented India at the Kudo Championships in Tokyo, which was an international achievement.

I’m also a national medalist in taekwondo and karate, proving my versatility. I hold a black belt in all three sports, too.

When I defeated France 8-0 at the 2017 World Cup, I knew I had made my mark. I had put India on the global martial arts radar. 

I was no longer the troubled kid. I was India's trailblazing martial arts sensation!

But with great triumph came great expectations. Now I had a target on my back. Every opponent was gunning to dethrone me. The pressure was insane, but my desire to keep winning for India outweighed everything.
My daily routine starts early with strength training, then university classes and Kudo coaching. I train myself in the evenings and make time to relax before ending with dinner and sleep. 

But giving up is not in my DNA. I credit my mother and coach, Dr. Khan, most for their support. My mother's own struggles motivate me during tough times. Dr. Khan provides invaluable life lessons that enrich my character beyond just sport. Together, they ground me on and off the mat.

In the next 5 years, I aim to compete in the Asian Championship 2024 and World Cup 2025 to win medals for India. I want to balance preparation and wellbeing to achieve success on the global stage.

My advice to aspiring small-town athletes is to stay dedicated, train hard, and remember that the sky's the limit. Your path to success might have twists and turns, but the view is always beautiful at the top!

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