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Here's The Story A Woman You Know Is Hiding From You

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*For representational purpose only.
It's a story that's been buried deep within women for a long time. As if it never happened. Yes, it's happened to #MeToo. I've been molested, as a child, no less. 

I was a happy little girl with an innocent heart. That day, I was wandering about a wedding mahal where a marriage was due to happen. We were close relatives, so we arrived a couple of days early. That night, I was giggling and playing, even though it was bedtime. I was lying in my father's arms, staring at the ceiling curiously... 

The irony is, that all of our relatives were with us. We all were lying on the floor, laughing, talking, and I was just one among them. 

One of my cousins called me over to come and lie down with him. I was a little child, I would've been studying 3rd or 4th grade at that time. My dad refused and said that I needn't go. But being the kid I was, I overruled him. I wanted to hear different stories and have fun. 

I went and lay next to him. He was just touching my hair and brushing it with his hands to make me sleep. Slowly, he moved to my ears, hands, and touched me inappropriately. He put his fingers into my pants and touched my vagina. I didn't understand what was happening to me and I couldn't do anything about what was happening to me either. I just felt, something is not right. 

This incident is by far the most tragic thing that has happened to me. Even today, I meet him rarely and get reminded of what he did to me. We mingle as if nothing has ever happened like that. I don't even know if he remembers what he did, He is now married and has a girl child. I wonder how he'll react if anything happens to that child. I wish nothing happens to her. 

I had to face him, he always comes to our house and he's my first cousin. It's been years since it happened... the effect has reduced. It should reduce because, as they say, time heals everything. 

Even if it lost its effect, it's still there in my mind, stored as memory, and gives some sort of uncomfortable feeling. 

The day after it happened, I told my mom. There was nothing much she could do about it by then, I guess. I never spoke about this ever again to her till now as it might trigger her as well. 

I am leading a happy life now. It's just that, some past never fades completely. I talk to him in a normal way. 

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