This Is What Happened After My Boyfriend Of 3 Years Left Me For A Woman He Had Just Met

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 13 June, 2017

So thanks all for your kind and not-so-kind words. I was overwhelmed by the response and when my story got published, I was trying to nourish myself, heal myself. I was already trying to put everything behind me and move forward but really, I mean really things spiraled completely in 360 degrees.

I left my story on 22nd May, when I wrote my last story I was merged into drinks and self-destruction. After spilling out my thoughts, it felt like something poisonous left me and I started picking up bits and pieces and started working on moving on.

2 weeks had passed. It was afternoon of 4th June, when with a trembling heart, I called him. He said hello. I had no idea, why I had called him. 2 weeks were hell. I lost around 4 kg of weight, my trainer at the gym was thinking that it was all happening because of her schedule, I was unable to work, could not eat or drink.

If tears were colors- my pillow was the prettiest canvas.

Only good thing that happened in the past few days is that I stopped drinking completely. So when he said hello, it was oh-so-liberating. I replied. We talked normally for a few minutes and he never asked how I was doing. Then I asked him to meet for one last time. He asked for the reason. I told him, "When you last saw me, I was a mess. I want to end things on a good note." He said yes, and in the evening I was present at the decided place when he messaged me he could not make it. I pleaded literally and he gave in.

I saw him after 2 weeks. Oh boy, it was feast to my eyes. He was worried looking at me. I was looking sick and thin. I laughed it off. He had an hour. And I used it to soothe us. We laughed, cracked jokes, none of us made a pass at each other and we parted after discussing some common study stuff and with a promise of being in touch as friends. I was ecstatic while returning home, I was smiling and I was feeling so relaxed.

Yeah, he still is with her, she is the one for him, but now we can be friends, I can be normal and the weather of Bangalore was only helping.

But fate had different plans. I was scrolling down my contacts the same night and saw he had blocked me. On whatsapp, on calls, on messages. I went crazy. What the hell is his problem. I messaged him via Facebook and blackmailed him asking him to give me time to get over things.

His only concern was his girl. "Don’t disturb her, don’t bother her, I will talk to you just for her". I was fed up, felt insulted and then vengeance started doing the plotting and planning.

I found her on Facebook the next day, I messaged her saying that I wanted to just talk to her once. She tried avoiding but I convinced her. She resisted but I pestered till she finally gave in.

It was 11:30 pm on 5th June when I called her on Facebook. I was scared, skeptical but maintained the calm. We talked. Starting from our common interest in him. And then layers started to open. He had told her that he was a virgin and he had broken up with me months ago. He never told her about his trips to my room. He took her to meet his roommates whose names I didn't even know. They told her that I used him.

My fury knew no bounds then. I was literally glowing with anger. I told her the whole story. From meeting to dating to loving to every other intimate moment. She was shocked. Then I called him and made him confess everything very nicely and recorded it. When I told him that I had spoken with the girl, he was livid and wanted to block me and then I told him about the recordings and how I was going to use it against his friends and family. 


Same night the girl he loved left him, he was being blackmailed by others and did I feel bad? No, not an ounce.

It's been a week to that story. He is now able to see my tears. My affection now makes sense to him but I am not going to put my guard down.

He has to makeup for every tear I've ever shed on him and then he is free to leave. I am not happy still. It makes me cry when I see him thinking about all the broken promises, all lies carelessness. He needs to repent for his mistakes.  

I had said to him once, “The passion with which I love you, if I ever start hating you with even half its intensity, you will not be able to take it.”

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