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I Met The Love Of My Life After Divorcing My Husband But I Also Lost Him…

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Love was never my cup of tea. I lost faith in love after ending my marriage with my husband. However, as they say, you never know what's ahead of you in life.

During this period, I met the love of my life. I would like to call him Mr.X. The first time I saw him, I didn't really feel that I would fall for him, with oil in his hair and his shirt tucked in. He seemed like one of the mature men.

So it all started with him asking me out during our lunch break. Then we started talking to get to know each other.

When I inquired about his relationship status, he mentioned, “Yes, my nana is going today to her place to talk further about marriage." 

Despite this, I continued conversing with Mr. X. He started picking me up from the office and dropping me off at home, which felt sweet as it was the first time someone had done something like this for me. After getting to know him, I decided to express my feelings and proposed to him. To which he replied, "I will think about it." The other day, he said yes. 

That was the first day we kissed. 

Well, these were the best days of my life. I didn't just love him; I also learned many things from him without him knowing it. Sleeping on his shoulders during training, holding his hand and walking were small little gestures that made me love him more. He used to take me to new places that I had never been before. Travelling with him is still on my mind. 

Today, after 4 years, I still love him the way I did in 2016, or maybe it has increased.

Sometimes when you love a person or get attached to them so much that it becomes hard to even imagine your life without them, I always wanted to be a man's woman. 

Mr.X is that man. I promise you, I will always be yours, even if we are not together anymore.

I will live my life with your memories. I love you and will always love you. Only Yours (I mean it).

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