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This Is How My Life-Threatening Accident Changed My Outlook On Life...

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In a split second, my life changed forever. My speeding bike crashed into a bus on the busy highway, and I thought everything was crumbling.

My entire life flashed before my eyes.

There was a bus on one side and a metal divider on the other, and my bike went out of control. When I tried to hit the brakes, my leg got stuck in the metal railing of the divider.

It got cut off, and my dreams scattered on the road like pieces of a broken puzzle. My friends disappeared in the chaos, leaving me alone. My friends, who I thought would be there for me whenever I needed them, left me helpless and hurt in the middle of a highway.

Out of nowhere, a stranger appeared, like a guardian angel. They helped me get to the hospital, a refuge in the middle of the storm. Lying in that hospital bed, I realised something profound: when everything falls apart, only family stands by you.

After the treatment, I decided to start over. I decided to leave everything behind, including those friends and my girlfriend. I moved to a new place and started working with my dad, the man who has selflessly provided for us since the beginning.

I wanted to be there for my family - my true supporters, and give back to them, and while doing so, I discovered the healing power of dance. With a prosthetic leg, I embraced the challenge and practised hard to create my own unique dance style.

Dance became my therapy, a way to express the pain and turn it into something beautiful. I went from just surviving to becoming a professional dancer, winning competitions, and proving that I could rise above my challenges. Everyone who knew me as 'The guy with one leg' started recognising me as 'The dancer.'

But my story doesn't end here. My ultimate dream is to dance on TV, and I'm working tirelessly towards that goal.

Life can be tough, but the strength we find inside us determines how we face it. When things get too hard, talk to your family; they're the real heroes in your story.

They are the ones who will always stand tall in not only your good times but bad times as well.

I want to share one thing: our life is just a role, and the stronger the player, the tougher the role assigned. Even when it seems too much, think about the stories of Ram and Krishna.

They faced numerous challenges because they were divine beings. So, when you feel overwhelmed, sit with your family and share everything with them because, beside them, there's no one here for you.

Trust the journey because, in the next 4 to 5 years, you'll see everything fall into place. Live for your family; that's the secret to real happiness.

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