The Woman I Love Is Fighting A Horrible Disease And Now, I Can't Be With Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 26 January, 2018

Life can be quite unexpected and yet sometimes, still the same. Life gives you something new every time yet the monotony of giving never ceases. But sometimes, just sometimes it gives you something that you could never have imagined. I would like to call myself a nice guy because I am no skirt chaser.

I have a firm belief in loyalty and commitment, and I am definitely one of those who believe that a man's character is just as important as a woman's character.

I had an office relationship which ended quite badly for me. She just dumped me for the next guy, but I had fallen for her genuinely. Her moving out affected me a lot. I left my job and was on the verge of a mental breakdown when I just decided to pack my bags and roam around India. Fortunately, something amazing happened.

The experience of travelling alone is quite constructive for one's strength.

I learned to suppress the pain of heartbreak and made some valuable friends. One of them was this lady from a faraway foreign land. I helped her in her travels with a few handy tips, we exchanged emails and that’s how our friendship started. A frequent exchange of emails led to social media interaction and eventually phone number exchange.

I found a very special friend in her, we felt so connected. We started talking daily, exchanging notes on our lives, goals, sorrows, dreams, and everything else.

She became instrumental in bringing me out of that difficult phase of my life. She became my shoulder, my pillar of support. She is very accomplished in her professional life, and thus she guided me too and in time, my life too began to take positive strides. I still felt something for my ex, but this lady was a different level altogether. On one such day, when we were conversing with each other, I said I love you to her out of a simple reflex, and she reciprocated with the same.

It seemed like a friendly exchange only, but overtime we realized, it was not. We had developed romantic feelings for each other.

As time flew by, our bond grew really strong and we were in a stable long-distance relationship. It has been like this for 3 years now, I still can not forget about my ex and sometimes it feels like she is sad about it too, but this lady's voice is enough to melt me. The sort of feeling and satisfaction she has brought into my life, I can safely say that she is the love of my life.

I no longer care about the ghosts of my past nor does it affect me in anyway, I am just happy and hopeful now.

Life never forgets to throw surprises, and more often than not, I get the worst of it. My lady has been diagnosed with a rare heart ailment. The doctor said that regular changes in lifestyle and medications will be her constant companion now, and she will not be able to conceive too, as her heart is too weak for it. It is very unfortunate that for the last two years we are not able to meet in person. I am not so well to do that I could just travel to see her, and she is too busy with her schedule and she cannot take out time to visit me as her projects are in expansion mode.

I really want to visit her, but things are a little difficult at home. However, I do plan to visit her, and I am saving for it too.

Her ailments are getting more dangerous with time, and the doctors have recommended surgery. With a very low success rate of the surgery, I am very worried. I feel so helpless, so useless. I know I cannot do anything for her, but I want to be there with her through it all, to hold her hands and take care of her. I am really scared, I don’t know if I would even be able to see her face again. It’s difficult for me to concentrate.

I just hope that my life doesn’t leave me alone in this big, bad World. She brought me back to my feet after a bad breakup and now my soul is on the line.
Author's Note:

Please pray for her.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because this once in a lifetime kinda love needs our prayers to survive.