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He Attempted Suicide When I Tried To Call-off Our Extra-Marital Affair...

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When I first met him, I was the mother of a 4-month-old son. 

Things were not going well for me and my husband. We seldom speak or sleep together. I'm not sure why, but there was a gap between us. I yearned for someone to love me. 

Eventually, I met someone who shared the same past as I do. It didn’t take us long to fall in love. He was married, and yet, he cared about me deeply. Things were going well between us, in fact, soon, he became a good friend of the family too. And his wife and I quickly became close friends. 

With time, his wife and I noticed something odd about his behaviour and assumed he was preoccupied with his business. But one day, both of us received a call from a woman who claimed to be his wife. He had slept with this lady, and she began blackmailing him for money, eventually phoning both his wife and I.

His wife is unaware of our connection, but this dilemma forced him to speak up.. 

There was a 6-month period when there was no contact at all, and I fell into deep depression. But then he appeared out of nowhere and said, "I can't leave you for anyone. I need you and our relationship, but my wife can’t know about us.” 

I told him I was done being a mistress and that I wanted to marry him. But he was hesitant since he was concerned about his daughter's future. Though he promised not to abandon me again.

He even attempted suicide when I told him that I could not stay in this relationship because I didn't want to be in the dark. His counterargument is reasonable and considerate. But, in my life, I don't have a husband or parents to support me; I just have this man's love and care. I can't let that go.

I'm not sure where our relationship is headed, but I hope it stays until I die.

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