Ten Years Ago She Decided To Leave Me And Get Married, And I’m Still Hoping To Move On

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 1 October, 2018

How easily we react to some’s love without knowing the depth of their love. Love is not something which can be done in a few months and be over it within a week. It might take a second to fall for someone. But have you ever wondered how long it can take to forget someone?

You had dreamt of spending your whole life together with that someone.

I loved writing about her. Every time I did, I made sure to share with her. But each time she only had one thing to say, “Keep living in your dreams, Mr.”


That one line is always enough to tear apart. It makes me feel like my soul is getting separated from my body and gives me a heartache.

But she always casually said, “I have many options Mr.”

She never realized that options are only temporary. She was successful and lucky because she could move on. I wasn’t because I promised to be on her side no matter what. I am successful too but only in love because I know how it feels to love someone with no expectations.

It’s hard to accept someone with their flaws than having someone with a number of qualities and dreaming for that one perfect life.

I had always dreamt of that one imperfect life with you, where I must struggle every moment for your attention, love, and care. And which I am sure, your husband and kids always look for now.

There was always a constant fight between us. It was my unconditional lover versus her complete hatred for me. But this time I was determined to win, if not by love then I would better snatch from her. I would get over what she has been denying to me; her love and concern for me. She had promised to be mine on her eight birth and I always told her that it was her seventh and last with someone else.

She always rejected me for being a loser but I had nothing to lose because I have her in my memories. I couldn’t hate or curse her for being so cruel to me; for hurting my self-respect all the time. Ten years and counting, in a hope that one day, I will get over her and move on.

I cursed her to fall in love with all her consciousness and so that she could feel what its like to be in my shoe.

I couldn’t wish anything more for her than being in love with everyone around. Love everyone and expect to be loved is the biggest curse in anyone’s life.
I am hoping to move on one day in peace.

Editor's Note:

The worst part is any relationship is moving on. It can be the hardest to do. But eventually, the sooner we accept the fact, the easier it gets. Share this story if you agree.