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Here's Why You Should Never Look At Your Age As A Limitation...

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At 54, an age when many settle into the comforts of retirement, I found myself standing at the crossroads of a daring decision.

This spark ignited as I witnessed a junior barely half my age sprinting through the Airtel Half Marathon in Delhi. Intrigued and inspired, I made a bold choice—to embark on a 7-kilometre marathon, a decision that would reshape my life in ways unimaginable.
With each step, I defied the notion that age determines our capabilities. Waking up at 5 a.m. became my routine, a testament to the dedication that propelled me from a novice to a seasoned runner. In what felt like the blink of an eye, I stood at the starting line of the prestigious Boston Marathon, crossing the finish line with a triumphant 3.37 hours—a moment that left fellow runners in awe, considering my journey began a mere two years prior.

Tokyo's marathon, a global challenge embraced by 10,000 runners worldwide, became my next conquest.

I had always dreamed of travelling to the United States; it was on my bucket list forever. However, I never imagined it would happen in this way. The dream of running in the United States unfolded, with over 80,000 spectators cheering for me on marathon day—an unforgettable crescendo to my victories, an unforgettable moment in my life.

2019 unfolded as a tapestry of international marathons, each presenting unique challenges on diverse terrains. I run with runners half my age or even one-third my age, often overtaking them in speed!
As my marathon count reached an impressive 20 full marathons, 117 half marathons, and 15 ultra marathons, my journey became a testament to resilience. In a society that often nudges us to slow down with age, I stood tall, proving that the best chapters are written when others might consider putting down the pen.

The mantra that echoes through my story is simple: To achieve anything, one needs discipline, dedication, determination, and consistency, and then one can achieve anything or everything!

This isn't just a celebration of victories on the asphalt; it's a resounding proclamation that age is not a limitation—it's an invitation to push boundaries, shatter stereotypes, and emerge victorious.

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