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If It Wasn't For The Worst, I Would Never Have Found The Best Love

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The hurdles we face in our life will ultimately make us stronger than what we are today.

My story is about me finding what true love is! I was in my tenth class when I fell in love with a guy. This guy was the most handsome and charming guy in my class. So one fine day, while we were chatting I accidentally told him I liked him. And immediately after telling him this, I regretted it. But then after hours of waiting, he sent a text.

With my heart pounding in my chest, I opened the message to read "Even I like you". From then on a beautiful relationship evolved (at least I thought so).

Days passed into months and finally class tenth was over. I wanted to take up science so I went on to take admission in a different place. But as they say "destiny has it's own story". I didn't study there and came back to my previous school where the love of my life was. In the initial days, in the class he would be very shy to tell people we were dating but I was madly in love so I didn't really care about it as long as he was there with me.

But slowly, as time passed, I got to see the real side of him. He started abusing me, using really dirty words, and all he ever wanted was to get physical with me. The days I would deny intimacy, he would get furious, and the days I agreed he would treat me like a queen. Eventually, class 12th got over and he BROKE UP with me for no reason at all.

I was broken, shattered, helpless.

I became a patient of depression. But my class 12th results were excellent. I got 98% and got into the best college. But still, the pain never went away completely. I tried contacting him several times but he, as usual, would use slangs every single time.

Finally, after almost 1.5 years, I thought of moving on and during that time, he came back in my life begging me to take him back. I tried hard to resist but somewhere deep in my heart, I still loved him. And I decided to give it one more try.

The initial days were beautiful- he seemed like a completely different person and had asked me to spend a very special occasion with him in a hotel. Like a stupid girl, I followed and immediately from the very next day, he was back to being his own self. And again he left me, but this time he just vanished. He didn't even speak to me once.

I was broken but I was stronger this time. It took some time but I finally decided to move on and never look back.

It's been 5 years now and now I am with the most loving person I can ever be with. He has taught me what love actually is. He treats me like his baby. Holds me like a princess. And he happens to be my childhood friend.

Indeed "destiny always has its own story written for us".

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