I Was Just A Frustrated Student Till Life Forced Me To Look At Things Differently

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 14 June, 2017

I attend my coaching classes from 6 to 10 every morning. Waking up at 5 am in the morning is mentally exhausting for a girl in 11th grade like me, but I still continue with my routine because it was solely my decision to opt for science and my family had never forced me, but the undeniable truth was that I was frustrated.

It was a normal routine day in the month of October. I started my day by arguing with my teacher. I knew my frustration was doing the talking, and not me. I am usually a cheerful girl, but a depressing student life was taking a toll on my mental health.

I had heard of the novel ‘3 Mistakes of my life’, and I wondered what 3 mistakes of my life were. The first was choosing to study science in high school even though I never had a liking for it. The second mistake was taking morning classes. I have never been a morning person, and these classes added to my frustration.

The third mistake was my silence. Silence kills your happiness.

It was my birthday that day. I had already fought with a teacher, and was feeling terrible that day. I didn't praise my sister's handmade cake, I was missing my friends a lot that day but my best friend didn't call me, I love surprises but there were none.

While returning back from the coaching class, I crossed through a railway line. I wanted to push myself in front of a moving train, and I almost did. But I immediately came back to my senses and pulled myself back.

I stood there wondering what was I doing with my life. One bad day didn’t mean that my life was over. I felt a mental transition take place. I came back home a changed person.

It was my fault to expect too much from them. It was my fault to be afraid of the future, afraid of not being able to live the kind of life I had dreamt of. And it was also my duty to settle with it because I know everything gets better in the end.

That day, I pulled myself back, and that is the reason I am happy today. I am happy because I know life is not unfair always. I am one of those people who fear life more than they fear death.
Author's Note:

Death is not the solution. Please don't quit. Things fall into place eventually. When you die, you don't die alone, your dreams die with you.

Editor's Note:

Thousands of students give up their lives every year. A bad test mark, or a bad day doesn't mark the end of your world. Share this story to motivate students out there who are dying under the pressure of our education system.