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He Loved Me But My Possessiveness Pushed Him Away

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My life is empty without him…I cannot imagine living without him. 

Let me go back a little and start from the beginning. I had just finished my graduation and joined a company. It was there that I saw him for the very first time.

He was this normal guy, standing in font of me. Never did I think that he would become my lifeline.

He started helping me with my work, teaching me how to understand people and so much more. As I kept taking help from him, I started liking his company. He would call me almost everyday. Everything was going great. Suddenly, one day, he asked me if I liked him. After some initial drama, I confessed that I was in love with him. Though he never really said anything to me. That was in 2014.

We then started hanging out, spending time with each other, exchanging gifts and so on. And finally in October 2015, I proposed to him. I can't tell you how happy I was! The misunderstandings started soon after.

We all know that there is a huge difference between friendship and a relationship.

When we were friends, I didn’t ask him much about his personal life. However, when we started dating, I would ask him about everything - whether he had eaten, how his day was; normal questions that you ask as a daily routine. And he always said that I had the right to ask him about everything.

But whenever I asked him about something, he felt that I doubted him, which was not the case!

I was slightly possessive and a little insecure but I never doubted him, I trusted him a lot! But he didn't like my behavior. He started saying that I had changed and was not the girl that I once was.

He believed that if we are in relationship, we should not fight or argue with each other on any point. He wanted a perfect relationship where everything was always smooth.

I tried to make him understand that no one is perfect and ups and downs are a part of life. He knew that I loved him a lot; that he was the only one I was  close to. All these misunderstandings created some distance between us.

He started fighting on small things saying, “Kaam par kuch samajh nahi aata, sab kuch tumko batana padta hai, tum bahut doubt karti ho etc.”

Around April 2016, I was down with chicken pox. At that time, he took very good care of me and we started getting close again. We would chat the entire night as I was not working and he had started his business, so both of us were having a good time.

I was still angry with him because he hadn’t called me when I was sick. He called only after I complained. He was trying very hard to pacify me when I said, “Aaj kal bahut online rehte ho jab se maine baat kam ki hai.”

This sentence changed my love life. He said that I had lost him!

I thought that he would get back to normal after some time. I tried a lot to convince him, but he didn’t want the relationship any longer.

It’s been more than a year since we broke up but I still miss him a lot. My love for him was pure and I never thought that he would become my weakest point. But I still feel happy whenever I hear anything about him. May God always bless him!

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