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My Close Friend Broke My Wedding To Marry Me, But...

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I was in a relationship for 5 years with a man whom I loved unconditionally.

He was very possessive about me, and we had many ups and downs. There was a time when we did not speak for almost a month.

During this time of distance, I found comfort in a close friend, unaware that he would betray my trust...

He told my family about my boyfriend's abusive behaviour—that he used to hit me—and urged my family not to allow me to marry him.

Wedding cards were distributed by my boyfriend's family, but as usual, here's a twist: the close friend was interested in me, and he did everything to break my marriage...

My marriage broke, and I got married to this friend instead. However, there's too much family interference.

I do not feel content, even though we have a baby.

Life is really tough. I miss times shared with my boyfriends.

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