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Dear Husband, Please Help Me Love You Unconditionally Again

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I am afraid to lose you even though you know everything about me. You know me, you know my feelings, my desires, my strengths and my weaknesses. You know how much we love each other, how we both believe that honesty is the key to a happy relationship.

When you came into my life, I was broken. I always had the desire to find prince charming. Being a young girl, I had my own dreams and each time, they got shattered. People always used me for their own benefit. I was in love with a man who just wanted my money- my love had no value. He didn't want to marry me. And conveniently, his parents wouldn't approve of our marriage. He refused to 'hurt' them but he could still 'make love' to me. His parents couldn't care less about that part of our relationship.

And then you came into my life. You taught me the meaning of friendship and love. I told you everything about him, absolutely everything about the relationship. And you helped me get out of this fake relationship where I was suffering.

You and I got married even though our parents didn't agree. I knew in my heart that you would never leave me. I saw the love in your eyes and realized that you were the best thing that could ever happen to me.

You taught me that life was full of happiness and every moment could be cherished. I respect you, especially for the way you leave the past out of our conversations. You've never lied to me about anything.

Now, I even got the perfect gift from you- our baby. Our world is perfect.

We have never had to keep secrets from each other. I trust you blindly. I know that you will always be faithful to me. You told me yourself about the time you had a conversation with some other girl. So how could I ever doubt you?

A few years down the line, you made friends with a colleague at work, but someone who was in love with her began to talk badly about you. You told me about that too. I believe you. I believe that you can't be wrong in this matter.

You said that you never even talk to women, but for the first time, you considered someone as your friend. Even then, I asked you to stay away from her just because her boyfriend doesn't think well of you. I know that you are only mine. I have never doubted that.

You loved me and accepted me despite my horrible past. You never came back late from work, we always go home together.

But there is some discomfort at the back of my mind. You could have told me about both incidents before I had to find out from other people. I don't know why I'm still so afraid of losing you, even though I'm certain that you will never lose me.

I love you. I left my whole world to be with you. I don't want uncertainty and imagined threats to come in the way of our marriage. Because I know this- I know that you don't do the wrong thing. But my mind plays up sometimes and it tries to overshadow my heart.

Help me! Help me, because I don't want to doubt you. I don't want to lose you. Help me, my love, to find each other again.

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