After All That, God Gave Me A Second Chance To Have Love Again

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 19 December, 2017

I was adjusting to the life in a big city, at the very beginning of my undergraduate course. In no time, I was lost in the hustle and bustle of hostel life and the ragging of those days. In the meantime, I fell for a beauty from my class (courtesy: my stupid friends) and she loved toying with my feelings. To make it worse, she started being in a relationship with a guy who was my senior and unfortunately, he was also my roommate.

It was hell with both of them trying torturing me in one way or another. It was difficult and I found a solution in ALCOHOL AND SMOKING. The worst part was, I was only 17. It affected my studies and I flunked the exams.

At this stage came a group of seniors who were localites and they were a blessing to have. My ragging in the hostel decreased and I smoothly got into this beautiful group of localites. In this group was a girl 2 years my senior. She would kind of flirt with me and she kind of started a kind of close friendship with me.

We started calling and texting each other regularly and started discovering each other's deepest desires and secrets.

Then came a day when she asked me to go somewhere for a ride, bunking college, and here we were on the outskirts of the city near a waterfall. It was there where I kissed a girl for the first time. That night, I proposed her over the phone and she happily accepted. This secret relationship continued and I even used to visit her home when her parents were away. Almost every time, we had real passionate lovemaking.

The relationship was our secret and nobody in the college or our friends' circle ever knew about it. This continued for 2 years- I was in the 2nd year and she was in the final year. She being a localite started staying at the hostel only to spend more time with me. At this time, I was crazy about her and we were crazy to have sex anywhere- starting from college toilets to renting hotels overnight, or even sometimes outside at some lonely places.

Slowly, some seniors started doubting that we were in a relationship and started spying us and even began torturing me in the hostel. This gradually increased and the girl started avoiding me slowly in front of everyone but pursuing me alone over the phone.


We used to meet randomly and had sex almost every time we met. Then came the exams and she was in her final year and I was in my 3rd-year 1st semester. After the exams it was her birthday, and the day after was mine. So we decided to stay at a hotel for her birthday and celebrate my birthday at midnight. We had great sex that night and felt it was the best birthday we had ever had.

Then, the next day, I returned home for the vacations. Results were out and she had cleared her final year. Her internship started but I flunked my semester. As I returned to college, I was shocked to see my girl going hand-in-hand in a relationship with a senior from her batch- the very guy who tortured me about our relationship.

IT WAS HELL. I flunked in my exams again after seeing the woman I love in the arms of another man; in the arms of a guy I really hated.

I was severely depressed and even attempted suicide multiple times.

God has been kind to me and I got out of it with the support of my friends and family. I recovered, completed my studies, and I'm well settled now.

Today, I'm married to a beatiful woman with a kind soul. God has really been merciful and has given me a second chance at love and life.

I am whole again. Touch wood.

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