A Call That Changed My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 4 August, 2017

It was a usual busy office day when a call came on my phone for a donation to a charitable organization. As I used to doing all this stuff I asked the person to meet me. Unfortunately, the cheque had a wrong year. Neither the guy who came to collect nor I noticed the same.

I was called by the same girl from their office to get the same changed or to do an online transaction. We had a small talk and without knowing each other, it went on for hours.

Within a few days the calls became regular, and we started sharing our days' work stories. We had not met each other till that time. Soon pictures were exchanged and we saw each other. As I was already a victim of a heartbreak, she was kind enough to listen to me.


She was fun to be with even though we lived miles apart. It used to take 3 hours on a domestic flight for us to reach each other. We laughed together, gave each other support when something bothered us. She was crazy about Disney movies and loved animals. She used to suggest movies to watch.

After a few months of our long distance relationship we finally decided to meet personally. She traveled all the way down from her place to my location. She had convinced her boss that she could get some donations from my place and the same was told to her family as well. We had the best moments together as I was not working at that time and was serving my notice period. I was just on the verge of joining a new company.

The biggest point was that my new company’s head office was in her city and I had gone down for my training. We explored her city through her eyes.

I felt life had given me an angel to live my life with. Even though we belonged to different castes and different states, we decided that we will be together forever.

Even people from my family had met her during her visit to my place and they all were happy that she was becoming the queen of my life. I was facing financial issues in between and I had supported her. I never said "No" to any of her wishes. She'd got all that she had wanted while she was with me.

Then came the sudden twist in our life. She was living in an apartment with one of her friends. Her friend moved out and she had to move to a new PG and that PG didn’t have proper network. Our talks reduced. I was also busy with my work, I tried to get in touch with her mostly and since she had to go out of the room and talk, I thought it was better not to disturb her.

She never liked people who got too close to her to hurt her by the end of it. I had thought it was better to be understanding. That small space that I gave her became the largest gap between us. Within a few months I learnt that her parents were looking out for marriage proposals and I could see her chatting online on the Facebook messenger till 2 to 3 am in the morning with other guys. I never got into her personal space.

All of a sudden one day she mentioned that her marriage was getting fixed by her parents, which shocked me to the core. I asked her to give me her parents' number or anyone from her family so that we could talk to them and convince them for our marriage.

She said no one was interested in talking to me whereas I remembered her telling me about her sister, she knew about us and she was authoritative as well in the family. I wondered what happened to all the promises of being together in-spite of the differences.

Maybe a rich guy, or maybe she really was helpless in our case. I don't have any answers still. 
Author's Note:

Why do people make fake promises? It’s been almost two years and I'm still looking for answers. The saddest part is that her presence is all over my life and it's still hurting. It's easy to forgive someone, but to forget a person this close to you is a difficult task. Maybe someday I will forget her, that day is not today.