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The Most Beautiful Thing For Me Was To See My Mother On The Filmfare Receiving An Award For Her Years Of Hard Work.

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I have been writing since I was very little. When I was five years old, I wrote a two-line Urdu sher that was later used in a TV series, 'Yatra.'

I wrote a full-length play at the age of thirteen.
I have gravitated to writing and lyricising, all credit to my mom. During my growing years, my mother woke up early in the morning and used to write songs and plays. She used to prepare the first draft before I woke up. We often listened to the ghazals, and she used to explain the thinking process and meaning behind the words to me and try to involve me in them. That paved the way for my writing skills.

My experience with the first advertisement I did was indelible.I was just three and a half years old when I got that advertisement. I encountered Suresh Malik at a party, and he was blown away by my confidence at that age. He decided to cast Jalal Agha's daughter in the advertisement. After meeting me, he switched me out for the shoot. Everything else is history.

My mother has had a significant role in my cultural exposure. She is a very driven, talented, and resourceful woman.
I have imbibed a lot of qualities from her. That's because of being groomed by her, being in her company, and seeing her as an artist. She was continuously encouraging me to participate in plays. My seventh-grade year had the most thrilling experience for me. There was a debate competition, and the girl who was supposed to participate was absent. I got a call early in the morning, and the teacher asked me to speak on her behalf in the competition that day. I only had fifteen minutes. That was the only time I could even comprehend that I had to perform in a debate competition on a given subject. Within fifteen minutes, my mother quickly wrote the lines for that topic, and I started preparing for the debate competition. From a young age, this incident sparked my interest in these activities.

I used to accompany my mum on her shootings. By virtue of being her daughter, I was a part of an epic movie, Trikaal, by Shyam Benegal.

The most beautiful thing for me was to see my mother on the Filmfare receiving an award for her years of hard work.
Whenever I am low, she is the one who always says, "Hello, buck up!" I have countless memories with my mum. I wish to be cast with her in a movie. She has given me so much to date, and I hope to cherish my future ahead with her.

The most important thing I owe my mother is religious freedom. She enrolled me in an Arya Samaj school, where there was no caste structure, and the emphasis was on individual and global unity. Though I am a practitioner, I am familiar with our family's traditions and rituals. The most significant part is that my mother never pressured me to follow any religion by stating, "If you don't follow, then something bad will happen." My mother always believed in me, even when no one else did, and I will never forget this.

I enjoy annoying my mother. I'm an excellent impersonator of her. My sole purpose in life is to annoy her. She gets a lot of my candour.

A lesson taught by my grandmother is "Nindak niyare rakhiye," which means keep your critics close to you.
My mom always instilled the same in me and also said, "Don't let anyone tell you what you are meant for or can do; instead do what you feel happy about." Her young, bold energy and hardworking demeanour never fail to inspire me. I am fortunate to have her as my mother.

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