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I Oppose Daughters Getting Equal Property Rights as Sons And Here’s Why!

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"A son is a son till he gets his wife...a daughter is a daughter all her life." I saw this quotation and wondered whether society isn't being harsh to boys these days in the name of feminism.  
Society has apparently forgotten that sons and daughters are both equal members of society and need each other to complete themselves.
How can we assert that a son changes after marriage, but a daughter does not? Such people and such comments are fostering a hostile atmosphere for sons. 

I am a female, a wife, and a mother of a daughter... but I am opposed to the Supreme Court's new statute granting daughters the same property rights as sons because if this is the law, many more laws will be needed to mitigate the repercussions.
Before you stop reading or leave your comments, let me state some facts that have brought me here.

1. Parents spend lakhs and lakhs of dollars on their daughter's wedding to secure her future, while the same amount they expect back on their son's wedding. 

2. All Hindu rituals are related to a brother gifting his sister. No festival or ritual exists where a sister offers gifts to her brother; for example, Holi, Rakhi, Bhai Dooj, marriage ceremonies, Bhaat Ceremony in Indian marriages, Chuchak (gifts offered on childbirth). In all of these ceremonies, a boy or his parents are liable to offer gifts to the daughter and her in-laws.

Basically, I believe, every significant occasion in her life places a financial strain on her brother. 

3. Sons are expected to assume full financial responsibility for their parents. Daughters are fully exempt in this case. 

4. Daughters usually seek a softer place in their parents' hearts than sons, and a daughter-in-law always strives to get even the most basic respect from the same parents. 

5. When a son-in-law helps his wife, he is helping out, but when a son does the same to his wife, he is termed as a Joru Ka Gualm. Isn't this biased? 

6. A son-in-law is highly regarded in the family despite the fact that he is often unconcerned about the girls' parents, but a daughter-in-law struggles to find a place for herself after doing all for that family. When will the double standard in Indian households come to an end? 
And now this new equal rights law?

Wow! I mean... so, starting now, a son must shower his sister with presents, take care of his parents, and, after doing all of this gladly, he must also donate his portion of the property to his sister.

Most parents these days have one house in which they live. And now they have to provide a share to their married son and a married daughter. Isn't it amusing? In the rush to provide their daughter with equal rights, society is really impeding her destiny.

So your daughter could have financial security from her in-laws. And the most damaging impact would be on the sister-brother relationship. Now, the sisters will have property but at the cost of a sour relationship with their brothers.
Instead of providing financial security for your daughter, I believe you should focus on her emotional security once you are gone. This can only be provided by her brother and his wife. And I believe this would come from focusing on preserving their connections rather than destroying them. Teach your daughter to focus on her spouse and in-laws to ensure her future.

Dear society, it is not money that secures a girl's future, but beautiful bonds and relationships. Don't place so much strain on your son's heart and head; it will only undermine family harmony.

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