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My Parents Knew I Was Born To Shine, And Their Last Words Keep Me Going...

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"A girl of unlimited self-esteem"—this powerful and bold statement has always fascinated me.

“Always” is a term that shudders, breaks you through, and makes you want it to happen in every single aspect!

“Love yourself. Love yourself the way you are.” 

“Break through those glass ceilings. You can be your own master.”

These phrases have always fascinated me. Being bold and being the preserver of your own life and freedom has always given me a lesson to forge ahead..

Growing up in a joint family, I've always had a soft spot for a myriad of emotions.

Despite being an introvert who enjoys alone time with a glass of juice and a good book, I find joy in pushing my comfort zone, learning new things, and meeting new people. I love knowing people and their master strokes, too.

Everybody out here is Virat Kohli of their own lives: Jo front foot pe khel sakta hai!

Talking about home comes with a sigh of relief, with the tenderness and calmness of the mother and the care and gratitude of the father. All the tinkle bells, all the fights with my brother, and endless conversations with all family members.

Yet, travel has always been a part of my life, helping me gain confidence and get to know myself better!

From being a crybaby, sitting quietly in a corner with my favourite book next to my mother, to a carefree and confident girl who can take control of her life—a new and cherished thought.

The more I love tradition and culture, the more I explore new things.

From the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata to the movies of Harry Potter and Avengers, I have opened my wings.

My father and mother have always been my constant supporters, and that has always helped me put my shoes in the right stand.

Years have passed since I started living without you, but every moment feels like I was with you just a minute ago.

Life has its share of ups and downs, but what always brings me back are your words, "My daughter is born to shine; she can own herself, and her thoughts should be an example!"

I try, I fail too, but I try everything that clicks my pace, may it be the suits or may it be the shorts with high boots. 

Be it going on a walk in the village with my sisters or travelling alone in the metros, everything has always taught me about life. It's just about not giving up and having the thought that "LIFE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST."

"Na samman ka moh na apmaan ka bhay..
Tu chalti ja bas karti reh..
Tu chalti ja bas tapti reh...
Ye aangan hai tera..
Na rakh moh na rakh bhay..
Tu chalti ja aur badhti reh...
Tu kalam pakad aur daud..
Age toh badh..
Na kar saman ka moh na apman ka bhay..
Tu bas chalti ja...tu bas chalti ja..
Tu hi woh panapti rooh bas chalti ja..
Woh manzil aayegi..bharosa rakh aur bas chalti ja..
Na samman ka moh na apmaan ka bhay."

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