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I Found The Answer To My Heartbreak In A Plate Of Mirchi Bajji...

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The moment he uttered those words, claiming to have lost his feelings for me, I found myself lost in confusion. 
I couldn't pinpoint when exactly his feelings had faded, but I remained deeply in love with him. My heartache became evident as I spent sleepless nights and endured weeks and months of suffering, unable to comprehend why a single person had the power to evoke so many tears.
Why is it so effortless for someone to hurt a person they once cherished and celebrated?
This question plagued me until one broken evening when I wandered into the kitchen. The strong aroma of deep-fried chili became my unexpected therapy. 
With the first bite, I felt the spice and burn, but it brought a strange relief. The second bite felt less painful than the emotions tormenting me, and by the third, my tears flowed, reminiscent of him.
 For a month, I made mirchi bajji every day, using it as an avenue to experience pain, shedding tears for a reason unrelated to him. 
I found solace in mirchi bajji, where each bite became an introspective experience. Just as we drink water to temper the overwhelming burn, I used it as a metaphorical remedy to overcome my pain.
I embraced the mirchi bajji as my companion in pain, realizing that its spiciness symbolized the magnitude of my suffering. However, the more I indulged, the more I understood that the burn after finishing a plate was less intense, resembling the healing of my heartache. 
It became a reminder of the pain I endured and how far I've come in my journey of self-liberation.
 Now, I no longer shed tears or harbor hatred for him. Instead, the mirchi bajji has become a catalyst for my growth and self-worth. 
I've learned to cherish myself, understanding that no one should have the power to damage my soul. This spicy delicacy, accompanied by the mantra "Fake it till you make it," has empowered me to embrace my worth and celebrate the person I am.
So, let us all raise our mirchi bhajji with a cheer of "Akkar Bakkar" and toast to the strength found in overcoming heartbreak. 
Let this spicy delight serve as a reminder to cherish ourselves, find healing in unlikely places, and never let anyone diminish our essence. 
Remember, the path to self-liberation begins with knowing our worth. 

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