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I Found A Best Friend When I Was 28, He Changed My Life

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The monkey who changed my life for the better! 9th of May 2017, I can never forget this date for two main reasons.

One, every year we celebrate my mother’s birthday. Two, I landed upon this stranger! Like every other family gathering I was quite bored with the loud talks and the aimless chatters. Something in me was telling me that I would meet someone who would just make sense in all this chaos.

That day very fortunately, I connected with this amazing strange gentleman who had traveled to lands far and wide. I had this feeling that there were loads of stories to be exchanged and I couldn’t wait to exchange tales of lands unseen. The inquisitive person that he is he couldn’t help but Google my name and find out more about me.

From thereon the journey of coincidences and serendipity began! The one thing that struck me the most each time was, from the very first conversation he was always extremely supportive of my startup (X). Every conversation would have me ask him questions or vice versa related to work. He stayed up nights explaining to me the nitty gritties of business from whatever little he knew.

When he saw I was really stressed with work, he didn’t even shy away from telling me to find a job. He would very calmly explain the pros and cons of both and leave me to decide. Each time that I decided to stick with building my startup a little further he would very happily say good luck!

To have a friend with whom you can share your fears, your tears, your joys and your sorrows. To have a friend who in this materialistic world is always happy and makes you smile each time you interact with him. He doesn’t even hesitate to point out my wrongs and applauds me when I am right.

Thanks, Ankur (Bandaar) for making me stronger and being there always. Every girl needs a friend like you, who would selflessly support her aspirations and dreams like a rock.

They say you don’t find friends post 25, well I found mine at 28. 

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