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You Don’t Want To Kill Yourself, You’re Just Scared Of Being Alone…

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We are all scared of change. Change is what makes people leave. That is why we are so scared of it. 

We don't want people to leave us because we are afraid that we will feel alone, and when we feel alone, we think that no one is going to be there for us anymore. 

When we feel that no one will be there for us anymore, the thought of wanting to die may cross our minds. However, I can assure you that there will always be people who care and want to be there for you. When you express to someone who has left you that you're feeling this way, and they suddenly show concern, it's because they always cared about you. 

If they truly didn't care, they would have chosen not to talk to you ever again, leaving you with feelings of despair. Deep down, you know that you don't truly wish for that outcome, and the sole reason you may entertain such thoughts is rooted in a sense of loneliness.

When someone asks you, “Are you okay?” and you say, "Yeah, I’m just tired,” I know the truth; I have been in the same position as you. You're not just tired; you’re tired of living, tired of people, tired of feeling alone, tired of being ignored, tired of crying yourself to sleep every night, and tired of not having someone always be there for you. 

You just want someone who will always love you for who you are, and you just want someone to notice all the signals you give them.

But you may not want someone to notice all your flaws, but you will find someone who does notice all of your flaws, and when they do notice all of them, they will stay because they love you. 

No matter what happens between you two, keep them. When someone leaves you, it’s their loss because you are so amazing, beautiful, awesome, and so much more. If you ever think you are not any of those, think again. 

If someone finds everything out about you and doesn't love you for who you are, then you don't need them. They are just a waste of your time. Some people are a blessing, and some are just a lesson. 

Remember, you are always loved. You are loved by me, even though I don't know you. I love you.

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