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From Love and Dreams to Tragedy: How Fate Tested My Love for My Wife

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In the magical year of 2008, destiny led me to Neha—a beautiful soul I found on a dating website.

Her presence was mystical, drawing me closer to her heart with every passing moment. We laughed, we loved, and within a month, I knew she was the one. With trembling excitement, I knelt before her, and as the world held its breath, she said, "Yes!"

Love blossomed, and our religious bond deepened, leading us to get engaged. In 2010, we exchanged vows and added a dream—to build our own home.

Together, we faced the trials of life, residing in a rented apartment and nurturing our dreams. In 2012, we welcomed our little princess, a beacon of joy who filled our lives with laughter.

And finally, we managed to build our dream home—the one Neha and I envisioned together!

But life's capricious nature had other plans.

My retail business was burgled, leaving me with a sense of violation. It was my sole source of income; I was devastated! Working hard day and night to fulfil my dreams and having my life turned upside down in one night hurt terribly in my heart. I was stressed, but Neha was my guiding light, encouraging me to get up and fight back!
Her courage battled hyperthyroidism, but her determination never wavered. With Neha's help, I started again from scratch, but another enormous tragedy awaited us!

Burglars broke into our home and left us with no money. As a lower-middle-class family, every penny counts, and it certainly did for us. We were already facing many challenges in our lives, and this burglary only added to them.

As the years passed, Neha's love lifted me above the pain of the burglary. Slowly, things started to return to normal.

In 2019, the universe bestowed upon us another blessing—our adorable second daughter. Yet sorrow accompanied joy when she fell ill with pneumonia. Due to the lack of insurance, the hefty hospital bills depleted all our savings.
To secure her finances, Neha chose to join a government hospital. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown caused a delay in her joining. After the lockdown lifted, she planned to visit her mother before beginning her new job. Tragically, during the journey, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Feeling overwhelmed and unaware, I rushed her to the nearest hospital.

However, due to the pandemic, there was extreme chaos and a shortage of doctors. I hurried from the first hospital to the second and then the third in search of a doctor, feeling bewildered. Eventually, we found a doctor, but by the time he diagnosed her, it was too late—she had passed away.
Life around me paused for a moment, and everything seemed unnatural. I was shattered from within, as my guiding light had left me forever. My heart broke, and tears flowed.

But amidst the grief, Neha's strength ignited a flame within me.

For the sake of my daughters, I embraced the pain and shared my journey on social media.

Neha's memory lives on, and as 'Mayank Neha Goyal,' I walk the path of love and resilience she taught me. Her spirit lingers, guiding me through each step, and in my heart, she is forever alive.

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