You Shouldn't Have Done This To Me

Rohit Rangarajan Rohit Rangarajan in Life Is Tough on 5 August, 2017

Those foot prints can never be forgotten, I'm still living in the hope that you would come back some day. 

The girl next door, the girl whom I got to see everyday, our non stop conversations, endless phone calls. The chats over a period of 6 months that are hard to keep track of, hiding from your friends and talking, the story is all about what I gave you and how much I loved you, you never cheated, you were always my cutie pie.

There was a time when I thought our love would stand the test of time and nothing could come between us. I want you to know that I am not blaming you.

I think we have both done everything we could and pursued every option available to try to keep this relationship together but nothing has helped. No solution will please everyone or solve all our problems. We still have happy memories from the past; we need to concentrate on making the present as happy as possible and try to have a positive outlook in the future. I want you to know I wish you all the best.

If I look back once, it all seems to look like how it all happened, it hurts me when I feel you are not with me to share those sweet memories.

I know how much you have also tried to keep this relationship intact, CASTE playing the major role for all this nonsense. Hats off for the guts you exhibited when you told your mom, I was in my dream world believing that your dad would get convinced.

I left everything on destiny; I am sure you still think about me. I won’t hesitate to say that I am still hanging on to our love. I'll always remember the very first time we met, the very first time my lips touched your cheeks, the very first time you kissed me. Your smile, your way of looking at me will always be fresh in my memories. There are so many lovely memories but the fact remains that memories are not enough to bind us for the rest of our lives. You gave me all the happiness and you only took it back and left me.


The truth is I can't see you with somebody else, amidst all the chaos of religion, caste, culture and society. True love got buried. I feel extremely low whenever I realise I won't get you. When you knew that your dad won't agree, why did you shower me with so much love and care? It's not that someone else can't give more care and love, but still it won't be you.

Keep one thing in mind, it's your life and you need to take the final call, because society speaks anyway, you be happy or not doesn't make a difference to them, they just talk.

I have told you 'n' number of times, again the same line, you are my cutie pie.

Don't forget, this idiot will be waiting for you and only you.

Yours loving and caring,