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We Had To Call It Quits Because Destiny Had Someone Else In Store For Her

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As most love stories start with friendship, it was the same in our story. Our friendship started from our semester exams in the 1st year. It was then that we spoke for the first time. As the days passed, we became quite close and shared all our secrets with each other. The frequency of our texts increased. We had become best friends. Then our conversations shifted to calls.

We used to speak for hours in a day. During this time, the care and concern for each other was at its peak.

Everyone was jealous of our friendship. As time passed, we both fell in love with each other without our own knowledge. Some days later, she just gave me a hint that she is in love with me. I understood her feelings and even I expressed my feelings. We both were happy after finding out that we both had feelings for each other. After this, messages and calls increased even more than before. But we had promised each other that we would get committed officially only after pursuing our graduation.

The conversations between us were just like any other couples’, but to the outside world we were only best friends.

We had many misunderstandings but it didn't spoil our relationship. We stood strong against all the misunderstandings and trusted each other. Things were going smoothly between us but destiny had different plans. One day, I got a message from her saying, “we’ll be just friends from now on, there is no more love between us”. For a second, I was in shock after seeing this message. Then I called her and she started explaining the condition at her house.

She told me that her family has fixed her marriage with their far relative, and initially she was not ready for this but she could see her parents’ happiness in this marriage and her heart didn't allow her to oppose this it.

She was in a state of total confusion, then she finally decided to bury all her feelings and get married to her far relative after a year, as decided by her family members. She explained everything to me. I understood her condition and even I buried all my feelings and told her to be happy in her life with the boy whom her family had chosen for her. We both decided to remain besties for life. We passed many days by with tears.

Every couple that has love between them does not end up getting married because destiny has its own destination.

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