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To My Future Son-in-law, Love Her With All You Have Because You'll Soon Know Her Story

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To my future son-in-law,

The surrounding moods of her vibe has been so variant, that she, sometimes gets perplexed of some of the situations that she undergoes. Life has always been hard on her, with a few exceptions of sugar and plum.

She has been the girl that her father aspires to have, she has been the girl that the society would love to appreciate, she has been the girl that the little kids would love to have as a sister, she has been the girl that her grandparents would love to their heart's core.

She has been for everyone except, for herself. She has been a little careless about her life and so, she has forgotten to love herself.

She always carries a decent smile on her lips, just to hide away the tears that she gives away at night, she knows how to walk out with ‘nothing-actually-happened’ look, in spite of the scars over her shoulders.

Everybody thinks that she is bold, strong and fiercely independent, but son, I know what lies beneath that heavy heart of hers.

I have been a witness to her happy and tough times. I know how perfectly she gives to others, without caring a pinch about herself and that has let her down in tides of high and low. May be that is how she managed to get her heart broken so many times.

She too, has some tender vanilla wishes, which can be easily fulfilled, thinks of having a life with satisfaction and wants to upgrade herself just like any other girl, of this generation.

You will never find her complaining about unhealthy stuff but you will always find her in the motivational state with a brave heart in the toughest times. Such is her character, such are the pieces she is made up of. She will love you hard without anything expecting in return. She will give you all the happiness that sometimes you may not deserve, because you have promised to take her as your wife.

She is silent in everything, but that is her strength as well her weakness.

She is not an open book that can be easily read but an unabridged version of several characters and that’s why, it is hard to understand her. She expects very little, yet she deserves a lot. I had been on this journey of her mystique all these years but now you have decided to be her partner to start a new journey.

Fulfil your promise beautifully because she being a girl with a soft heart has already started believing in you, trusting you, despite the uncountable instances that life gifted her.

Son, after years of insecurity, she will be yours. Wrap her with your love, protect her with your cloak and respect her with all that she deserves, because you will soon know the story that she strongly guards.

With love,

Your future mother-in-law.

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