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To Anyone Who Needs That Push Today: Dream On Because It's More Than Worth It

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I am what I am today because of You!

Here's to motivation, to those who need that extra push to believe in themselves, to those who just want to hear, 'I believe you can do it!'

I always wanted to be a doctor ever since I was a child. It's the feeling that remained constant until I grew older. On the contrary, my dad wanted me to get into art, be an artist. Yes, very different from stereotypical 'Indian parents'. I was good at art and my father thought that more guidance would make me a better artist, maybe the best - who knows?

My dad was very firm in his beliefs. He was the strict one at home, but still had a soft corner only I knew of. There was a hidden friend inside of him that others couldn't see.

So, my father and I argued a bit about which stream I would take in college and ultimately, I agreed to go with his decision of taking up art. "I love art, maybe that's the future for me," I thought. So I began working towards it during my vacation time, preparing for the entrance exams to get into one of the top colleges for art in the country.

Everyone at home was happy to see my enthusiasm, but deep down inside I wish I had that one chance to give my CET for medical, but I hid that feeling very well.

Only one person noticed it well. Yes, it was dad.

I still remember that day clearly, as if it were happening right now because that moment was the happiest in my life, the one that changed my world. He called me in the other room so that he could speak with me in private.

He asked, "Are you sure you want to go ahead for medical? Because it's a lot of hard work and you would have to score well in the entrance exam as I can't afford any donation for private colleges." I shouted, "Oh yes I'm very sure, and I'll work for it too!" "Okay, then leave this, go ahead with what your heart wants," he said. At first, I couldn't believe my ears. I can't remember if I danced too, maybe I did.

My ol' man just let go of his dreams for me to fulfill mine.

That was the best day ever! I went ahead, cleared my CET, and I'm a successful physiotherapist today. I am what I am because of my dad. When nobody could see what I really wanted to be, when people thought I belonged somewhere else; there was this one person who believed in me, who believed in my dreams.

He's physically no longer by my side, but I'm sure I make him proud every day. Death can't separate emotions. Even today if nobody thinks I can, no matter what; I always remember that there was this one man once upon a time who did and would believe in me, and that keeps me going.

For I am what I am just because of you, dad.

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