Our Perfect Marriage Was Just Getting Started When I Lost Him Forever

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 26 January, 2018


I met him on a matrimonial site. But I'd never expected that things would work out for me through this medium. Initially, I didn’t like him much but he was sure about his decision since the beginning.

I ignored him yet he didn't give up and neither did he ever push me.

That worked for me. So, I decided to meet him. After we met, I said ‘yes’ to marry him.

I changed my mind, not because of his looks, but for the person he was.

It was a picture-perfect wedding that seemed to have been made in heaven; beautiful attire, the perfect companion and a fairy-tale ceremony. Ours was a typical ‘jhat mangani, patt vyah’ situation and we got married within two months of meeting.

A respecting husband and loving and understanding in-laws; I couldn’t have asked for more.

As a couple, we had everything to make people around envious of us.

Three months into the marriage and things started taking an unpleasant turn when he fell sick. He didn’t have any serious complaints but experienced regular bouts of acidity and indigestion. I was sure that medication and some changes in the diet would help in bringing things under control.

His regular doctor also diagnosed it as acidity and we started with his prescription. Simultaneously, I started with mine – food with no oil, intake of fruits and less of outside food.

We followed a healthy diet and the results of our hard work started showing when his health began to improve. It was a huge relief for both of us.

It had been a tough time for everyone and I was beginning to feel that everything was normal again.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The acidity bouts started again, with greater intensity and frequency.

Everyone said that there was no reason to worry as he had been facing this issue for years and would be fine soon. This explanation didn’t satisfy me and I wanted him to get a full body check-up. We consulted another doctor who suggested some tests.

When I checked the reports, I discovered that his sugar level was high, cholesterol was close to danger level and there were many other negatives. I was shocked!

I stood by his side through all the tests and doctor visits as he always said, “You are my strength.”

The doctor diagnosed him with something severe, which needed more care, complete rest and time to recover. I promised him that we would work together to bring our life back on track.

We supported each other through it and within weeks, his health started improving. In fact, he was recovering at a good speed.

Finally, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

The last set of tests was done and we took an appointment with the doctor. The appointment went as expected. He had recovered 80% and was in the final phase of improvement. We returned home in an ecstatic mood.

The next morning was a new day for both of us; it felt like a new beginning.

He went to get his favorite breakfast while I prepared tea for both of us. We watched one of our favorite movies while having breakfast. We had planned the day - a thank you visit to God, a movie, and some grocery shopping.

But God changed our plan forever.

I saw him falling unconscious; I saw his face, the uneasiness, the pain in his eyes – the physical pain, and an unexplained pain – as if he knew what was coming.

I lost him where he feared to go the most - the hospital. I lost him forever that day.

I still remember his face behind the oxygen mask; the face I loved holding between my palms, that face was pale with fear - the fear of losing everything, the fear of leaving.

He looked at me and I asked him – “Are you okay?” He kept looking at me but didn’t say a word. After that day, I never heard a word from him.

We didn’t even get a chance to experience all the seasons together!

After all these years, do I still miss him?

I have forgotten how it feels to miss someone, now I just remember him. How can I ever forget that face?
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