My Boyfriend Chose The Cheater Over Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 1 August, 2017

I am still a teenage girl and I know there's a lot to see but I keep reading things that make me aware of the monster I am yet to meet.

But here, I wanna talk about the one monster I already met, my ex.

I left my career only because he wanted me to live in the same city as him, I stopped meeting my friends because he wanted to spend time with me, I travelled for four hours everyday to meet him but nothing mattered to him.

He only wanted the physical intimacy. He always lied to me about his friends but I forced myself to believe him until one day I saw her wearing his shirt.
I couldn’t forgive him but I was scared to live my life without him. Later, I found out that he had planned a trip with her - I felt broken and lost but I kept thinking that things will get better.

And just when I thought things were getting better, he told me he liked someone else. She was younger, Much younger. He didn’t cheat on me with her, he cheated on her with me. Every single day, all he craved for was that one hour of physical intimacy with me and called it love.

One day I told him he has to tell her about me or else I will. He hit me that day, he hit me till I turned purple. I was so scared to see the man I loved put me through so much. I couldn’t resist; I wanted to save the other girl's’ life. I told her but she thought I was trying to take him away from her. Later, I got to know she was cheating on him too.

I told him, “look you made the wrong choice” to which he responded, “she was still better than you.”

I left him. I am clean now. I feel stronger. So all you pretty ladies out there, when a guy treats you like trash, you do the same to him.