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Life Isn't Simple, But I'm Not Letting Motivational Gurus Run It...

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Life is never simple, despite the gurus and motivational speakers who make it appear so.

It may not be a cup of tea for everyone who is going through anything difficult. There appears to be no such thing as a perfect life. But, yes, we can make the best out of it.
"HOW?" is the next question. Standing up for what you want and deserve. 
As a child, I was constantly told about the misery of the old, but as I matured into my adolescent years, I realised that even youngsters go through a lot.

But our difficulties are seldom spoken about since we are not yet mature. 
I'm curious why our opinions are considered less than those of the old, even though theirs might be nonsensical at times! 

Many of us have experienced failures, mood swings, heartbreaks, or moments when we were anxious. We are so focused on meeting others' expectations and making everyone happy and content that we have lost sight of our own individuality.
What do I want from life? What is it that will truly keep me happy and going? I know what it's like to put your own dreams and desires aside in order to please others. It's terrible to accept that your own family is often far from being your support system. 

Of course, there are parents and siblings who may be the ideal safety net in whatever you choose to do, and you may believe you don't need an outsider who can cherish and love you with the same intensity. 

Parents may be the best of friends, to whom we can pour our hearts out, and who will listen to every detail of our lives, and why not? After all, they are the ones that bring us into the world. 
Our country gained freedom a long time ago, yet to be honest, individually, we are still caged by something or the other. It's difficult to accept, but sometimes it's just our loved ones who want us to live their way of life. 

But, in my opinion, the definition of love is allowing someone to live their life their way and doing whatever keeps them happy.

So, just break through the wall and do what gets you motivated to get out of bed every morning. Choose to do something interesting each day. 
Many people still dream about living life as a free bird in the beautiful skies. And trust me, once you taste it, there is no turning back.

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