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I'm An Ambitious Woman And The Man I Love Is Making Everything So Difficult

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I am a well educated and an ambitious girl who has recently turned into an entrepreneur. I fell in love with this guy I met a year and a half ago. We fell in love after spending almost every day together for a month. He seemed amazing. So caring and loving.

With time we got really attached to each other and started relying on one another for every little thing. However, with attachment, love and care came madness, anger and possessiveness. I had always desired a possessive man, however, this one turned out to be ultra possessive. 

Within a month of our relationship, we got into our first big fight which made me cry like a baby. He was just not ready to listen to my side of the story; for him, whatever he said was right. After almost a day or two of fighting, I gave in!

I apologized not because I was wrong but for the sake of our relationship and for my peace of mind. 

With time we got really close and started spending all our weekends together, making love, watching movies, going out shopping and doing these romantic things together. However, what accompanied these dates were the unending fights.

With every single fight I was made to believe that I was stupid, careless and not capable of keeping the relationship uptight. So, at the end, I would convince myself that I was wrong even when I wasn’t.

His anger scared me so I gave in all the time, I apologized every single time.

It has been almost 15 months since we started dating, however, nothing has improved. Our fights are so unpredictable that in one moment we will be talking happily and in the next moment, he'll start shouting at me for some really silly reason.

I don't want to end this relationship because I love him a lot but his anger issues are creating a mess. I am going insane because I'm a really sensitive person.

I start crying the moment he starts shouting or fighting.

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