I Met Him After 6 Years And I Swear I Didn't Want This To Happen To His Married Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 14 May, 2017

I met him after 6 long years. He still looked the same, only wore a new pair of glasses.

We met for the first time when I was 21 and had just started working in a company. He was my colleague. He had such an awesome personality that everyone admired him. He was helpful and showed genuine concern when I faced problems. He helped me out with those problems with no hint of bad intention.

He was not at all flirtatious and showed respect towards everyone. I was naturally drawn towards him. I had to spend some time with him alone as we were working on a project but I soon realized that I had started liking him. He never gave me any hints and I kept my feelings with myself. I didn’t tell a soul about it.

Then came the office annual party, he brought someone with him. It was his wife. I didn’t know that he had been married for 2 years. It never occurred to me that he could be married. Anyway, it was a shock at first but later I realized that I never noticed the signs of him being married and never asked him or anyone else about his family.

I obviously didn’t pursue him as I had no interest in being a home wrecker. After 3 months I had to leave town because of some family problems. I quit that job. I was not in touch with him, not even via social media. I kind of moved on with my life, considering that my crush on him was only an infatuation. Due to family problems and many responsibilities, I didn’t get the time or opportunity to date anyone.

My life fell into a routine-- waking up, work, sleep. Then my story took a turn like some crappy soap opera. I had to come back to my hometown after 6 years. I started teaching in a children’s school temporarily. I loved the children and they loved me back. I began to enjoy working there.

But one day as the bell rang and I took the children out. There I saw him. I wanted to hide as soon as I saw him but it was too late. He had seen me already.

He came to me to say ‘Hi’. His daughter was studying in nursery in the same school. We spoke for a while. The next day, I went to see that girl in her classroom as I was very curious. I then noticed that she looked exactly like her father and wondered why I never noticed that before.

I suddenly felt a soft corner for her. I wanted to hug her and kiss her as my own. Then from other teachers I gathered that she had lost her mother in an accident. I just couldn’t believe it. I felt so sad for him and her.

I soon began to spend more time with her. I can’t explain why but I felt a connection with that child. I got to know that her father alone was raising her.

I met him again when he came to pick his daughter up after school. I said that I was sorry for his loss. He said that he missed her very much. I said that I could understand.

We then met for a coffee. Now we are very good friends. I am very close to the child. I still like him. But I don’t know whether he likes me too. But I want to give that child my affection.

I don’t want to intrude in his life forcefully. I love them-- both him and the child and I just want them to accept me. I am not happy that his wife died but we have no control over fate.