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I Loved Him Truly And He Just Broke My Heart For No Good Reason

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I was in a perfect relationship. Though long distance, we used to meet as often as possible. The relationship started when we were both studying Engineering. I started with a corporate job. He went ahead for higher studies. We also survived those years of distance.

When he started working, he lost his cool and it affected even our relationship. He forgot to call me for days and didn't even pick up my calls. He forgot to take care of me. We used to meet like we did earlier but it was only for sex for him and for me it was to make things better between us.

He never realised how much his behaviour was hurting me and he didn't even care to save our relationship. Finally, we broke up. A colleague and friend at work came close to me. He knew everything about my past and was genuinely interested in me since the first day we met but never told me since I was in a relationship.

I made another big mistake of my life by getting into a relationship with this colleague.

It was not a rebound relationship for me, I honestly loved him and so did he. He made all the efforts to always keep me happy. He used to give me gifts and take me out on bike rides and dinners and what not. We were both so happy. He always respected and supported my decisions and so did I. He was an avid lover of bikes, video games, martial arts, sports and dance.

I encouraged him in doing everything that he wanted to do with all his hobbies and passions. Though he was a year younger than me, he was much more mature. Everything was perfect between us. That's what I thought actually. When I told him that I wanted to study further and quit the job, he supported me when no one else did.

His parents knew me and supported me. I quit my job and joined a college. It was a different city. My second boyfriend suddenly wanted to break up with me without reasoning it out. And just like that, I had to let him go.

After 5 years, I stand here alone and hurt and now I understand that maybe this was a rebound relationship for him and not for me. Although I got into a relationship very quickly, I loved him truly and he just broke my heart for no good reason. 

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