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I Lead A Lonely Life With Lots Of Friends

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I know world is a good place to 'live in' and I've started hating this world and especially BOYS.

I always believed in the idea of love and always wanted a fairy-tale love story. Being a chubby girl, I never had lots of male friends in my school life. Instead I only had two or three female friends. I used to envy those people who had big groups of guys and girls and I always wanted to be a part of that group.

Back then I was a chubby girl and now I am a fit girl. One thing I learnt is that the world or the people are only concerned about looks. After losing some kilos I obviously became good-looking and a lot of guys were after me.

I was being pampered, getting loved and had lots of friends. I felt that my world was complete. Little did I know that one day I would meet this guy and my life would change forever.

As I was always fascinated by the idea of love, I could see my prince charming in him. We dated each other for about 9 months and then we broke up. I was all shattered.

I couldn't really tell my friends about what had happened. I went through this depressing phase wherein I didn't eat for days. I slept long hours and avoided talking to others.

What I realised in this phase was - having lots of friends and still having nobody to care is the worst feeling anybody could go through. Nowadays we all are lonely in different aspects and only because of this loneliness, depression strikes and because of depression people commit suicide.

Now I have overcome depression by talking to more and more people and by engaging myself in different activities. A thing I'd like to tell everyone is that, if you're going through the same situation, kindly think about your parents and talk to people. This will help you a lot.

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