I Had To Go Through A Lot Of Pain To Realize I Had Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 28 August, 2017

'A queen will always turn pain into power' - this quote truly describes my life story.

I am a single child brought up in a middle class family. Though I was not very pampered as a child, but my family always protected me. As we grow up, we start loving the life outside our family i.e. friends, road trips etc. I too had a group of friends who became special to me because they were friends of someone whom I loved a lot.

All of us had planned a road trip for the weekend. We were traveling in a car and also had two bikes with us. Everything was going as per plan. While returning, we thought of having lunch before proceeding further. I was in the car before lunch but after lunch, I decided to ride on the bike.


As soon as we started, in just a few miles, my friend’s car hit the bike I was on. Within seconds, I landed on the opposite side of the road and I could see my friend's car far ahead of me.

I realized that I had fallen on the wrong side and just as I looked behind, I saw an Innova car coming towards me.

I knew that my friends wouldn't be able reach me in time to help. So I tried moving away from the middle of the road but I felt an immense pain in my back as though all my bones were broken. Still, I knew that if I didn't try to move, I would get hurt again. I put in all the effort and dragged myself to the side of the road. By then, my friends reached me and they tried to help me get up, but I just couldn’t manage.

I knew something had gone terribly wrong.

I told them that I needed some time and would get up on my own. Everyone told my guy to pick me up but I wanted to get up by myself and go to the car. We immediately went to the closest hospital but it felt like the longest journey I’d ever taken. The doctor took an X-ray and confirmed that I had a fracture in my back and needed to be admitted. Since we were far away from our own city, we decided that I should get admitted to the same hospital. My mom broke down when she saw me on the hospital bed will the drips and tubes.

I felt that I’d committed the biggest mistake of my life, because had I not been alive, I would have left my parents completely helpless.

I was first advised complete bed rest for a week. The doctor then suggested 3 more weeks of bed rest. Within the first week itself, I realized that there was something majorly wrong with me. Still, I didn't shed a single tear in front of my parents; I behaved like there was no pain in my body. Weeks went by and that’s when I realized that no one stays with you when you are in pain.

My family and I suffered alone during that period.

With time, I realized that if I went on living my life with regrets, I would soon go into depression. I had just got my results for a part time MBA and college had started. So, I decided to join college and also work from home. I requested the college authorities to consider my case for late admission.

Everyone felt that I was mad for taking up admission during the period when I needed to take complete rest. But I went ahead.

After my bed rest was over, I was advised to wear a back brace for the next six months. That was yet another challenge because I had to wear the brace and travel daily to office by public transport and also attend college on weekends. But I turned a deaf ear to everyone’s talks and trusted myself. Today, I have completed my MBA in IT with good grades and also have a better job. I’ve also purchased a house for my parents.

That one incident made this little girl into a strong girl; one who fought alone against all odds and turned her pain into power.