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I Gave Marriage A Second Chance After The Worst Nightmare Of My Life: I'm Glad I Did

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I got married in December of 2008 to a person who was an MBA with a well-educated family. That was where things went downhill in my life.

After my engagement, my fiancé came to live with us. That is when I started discovering the off-sides to this person, but I overlooked them all. It seemed as though he was into black magic. He started brain washing me against my family. I was not in a healthy state of mind and got easily swayed off. However, this was just the beginning of all the torment I was about to face.

The day I moved into their house after marriage, I was taken aback by the condition of the room I was to stay in. It looked nothing like a newlywed’s room.

My husband started physically assaulting me right from the next day, while the in-laws just stood and watched. I received zero support from their side.

My husband blamed me for having an affair with someone else, but I sincerely hope that a day will come when he begins to trust me and understand me. I should have never waited for so long.

After ten months, I gave birth to a baby girl. I thought he will be a changed man after taking his baby girl in his arms, but I was wrong. His misbehavior never stopped. He would beat me every day, tie me in chains, lock me up, and give me plain rice to eat, and nothing else. He would also starve our daughter.

When my daughter was a year old, I decided to divorce him. My parents stood with me like pillars with me through all of this. He begged me to stay, promised that he wouldn’t repeat it, but abused me even on the day my mother died.

I finally divorced him and liberated myself from the hell I had been living in for almost two years. I started living with my dad after that. He was an understanding father, and held me tight through all my trauma.

After six years, I found my lucky charm. I got married again to a wonderful person. My in-laws are equally supportive and respect and care for me. They accepted my daughter as their own and treat her like a princess.

Finally after going through all of this, I have my life right on track. I’m glad that I divorced him, which helped me build up my self-confidence again and I found the perfect life partner for me.

This is my second chance at life, and I wish everyone gets theirs. All of us deserve to be treated with respect. Today, I feel like I’m on top of the world, and every woman deserves to feel this way.

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