My Arranged Marriage Was A Disaster Because I'm A Man

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 3 August, 2017

So yes this is my story. I was all grown up and 28 years old with a well settled business. Eventually like all Indian families, my family too started searching for a girl for me. Then one day my father told me that we are going to see a girl for marriage and I am coming along with them. I met the girl and her family.

There was something about her that clicked for me instantly and we both said yes.

After all the complications in our marriage, that includes me being forced to pay all due bills of my in-laws as they claimed that after demonetisation they didn't have much cash left with them. They had also said whenever the bank will start giving sufficient amounts they will return the money to me but that never happened in my case. After marriage I was all in love with my wife. I was a person who wanted to be loved and cared for.


It was a great first month but then things changed drastically for us. She wanted to pursue her profession but she didn't want to do any hard work, neither with studies nor with competitive exams. This changed into frustration for both of us. Everyday we indulge in arguments due to her behaviour. I was trying to make her understand that she should prepare for her exams and I will support her every way I can but nothing helped. 

She started finding reasons to go home after two months and two visits to my in-laws' place, that too for long durations. That also resulted in me giving lesser time to my business. Due to all this tension, I suffered a big loss. I am in a complex situation.

My business was in tatters, my marriage was also in a fix and my family was thinking that I am giving too much importance to my in-laws due to regular visits.
Author's Note:

Why is it always the man's responsibility to take care of everyone. Why doesn't he deserve love and care from his family and wife? Right now we are filing for a divorce. And hope she stays happily even after the divorce.

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