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I Lost All Respect For Her The Day She Insulted Me For My Skin Tone

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How do you survive when your own siblings are doing things to you which you can never imagine?

Yes, this has become a part of my life now.

Whenever my cousin and I came in front of each other, we would silently have a fight. She would pretend to get busy talking over phones or start doing some other works. She was giving me cold shoulders.

But whenever we sat down with our family, her behaviour would completely change.

She was like her mother who would come in front of each and every event to take full responsibility. Her mother was jealous of my skin tone and that’s why she had grudges against me. She would taunt her daughter for using too much of makeup and beauty products in front of me. It was completely clear that she was trying to demean me. She left no stones unturned to create a fuss between me and my sister.

It all became too unbearable for me, so I decided to never show her my face again. Her non-verbal fights with me, those false accusations – all were killing my respect for her.

She suddenly started to become too friendly with me only to get my brother’s attention. But when she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted, she changed her behaviour towards me once again.

She used to bitch about me to many others. She was an attention seeker and hated it when she had to ask for it. She disliked the idea of asking questions or advice from anybody and when she failed to get what she wanted, she would blame others for not knowing her emotionally.

I know she is my sister and I am supposed to love and respect her, but I just couldn’t. It makes me feel so guilty all the time.

One day, they invited us to dinner for her birthday party. I thought things would be different this time, but it was the same. She repeated all of her shameless things again. She ignored me throughout the party and stayed with her friends.

I felt a burn in my chest. That was the day when I lost complete respect for her.

I made a decision that day that I would never disrupt her – be it at her wedding, baby shower, or even her funeral. I was not going to attend any of it.

I hate her and I will hold this grudge longer than she can even think of.

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