I Am Not Married To My Husband, I Am Married To My In-laws

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 26 August, 2017

After 5 years of dating, we finally got married. The day was special, full of excitement. With teary eyes and a smile on my face, I left my home and joined the new family. Soon after my marriage, my in-laws started giving me a tough time for dowry.

In the very first week, I realised my husband tells every small thing about us to his mother. My sister-in-law was no less than them. She started teaching me ‘the rules of the house’.

After bearing the torture for one year, I opened my mouth and had bitter arguments with my husband's parents and his sister. The arguments never stopped. After every fight I was made to apologise to them. So once again I started ignoring things.


My husband was happy now and started loving me like before. However, my mother-in-law who just wanted to pick fights with me never missed a single opportunity. Now the fights are a daily affair and my husband hasn't talked to me in weeks.