My Youngest Daughter Is A Content Creator And I'm So Proud Of Her

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"The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.” - Jawaharlal Nehru

I'm Riddhi Karira, Paarya's mother, and on this Children's Day, I'd like to take this beautiful opportunity to write about my daughter's journey as a content creator. Paarya, my younger daughter, is a young content creator.

We had a feeling she might try something new when she was just a few months old because she has been very active since then. She enjoys acting, especially when she has to enact a commercial or imitate something, dance, crafts, art, and a variety of other things. Paarya, as the youngest, is extremely close to everyone. She is currently in second grade and enjoys mixing her schoolwork with content creation.

It all began when I started showcasing her talent on my Facebook page, and someone advised that I create an Instagram account. Delisha Chutani and Kyati Bagga are two of her favourite child influencers. She has a lot of admiration for them. Everything about them, including how they present themselves, their content, and everything else.

Paarya's account, paaryatheprincess, was finally launched in April 2021. Her passion for performing and fashion inspired us to start this. We had no idea how everything would operate at first. Slowly, she began to express an interest in creating and watching videos. That's when we knew we'd made the best decision for our child.

To date, we've made fantastic progress, with our first two collaborations being for Flipkart and the most recent being with Amazon. She is overjoyed with the amount of affection she has received from everyone, which makes us proud parents. As parents, we wanted to ensure that her talent was not confined to a box, but rather it was given wings to fly.

We've been having a great time on this lovely ride. From filming reels to amusing bloopers, there's a lot to do. When it comes to her education, she has a lot of it. Yes, we admire her progress as she learns to balance things one step at a time. Her lessons are intermingled with content creation on a regular day for us. There are ups and downs, and we go through a roller coaster of emotions as our followers drop and rise, but our sole goal is to allow our daughter to be the person she wants to be.

Finally, I'd like to encourage you to give your daughters the guts to dream as well as the wings to fly. If you have a daughter, try to find out what she wants to do with her life. Without a doubt, our culture is evolving, but attitudes regarding a "girl-child" have not completely altered. As a result, enlighten her and show her how she might realise her ambition.

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