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It Hurt To See Him With Another Girl Every Day, So I Quit My Job And Moved To Another City

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After finishing my graduation, I was looking for a job as I wanted to support my family. After struggling for so many days, I finally got a call from a company and I was all set for the interview. And then, the day came that brought a change in my life.

As I was waiting for the interviewer to call me, a handsome young man entered the room.

He looked attractive and also a bit experienced which got me to worry that he might get the job easily. I was just praying to God because I really needed this job.

He asked me if I was here for the interview too and I said yes. That’s how our conversation started and he looked a bit nervous, so I wished him luck. My turn came and after the interview, I was happy because I got the job. I wished him again and left.

It was my first day at the office and I saw him again.

He too got the job and had joined the same day as mine. He thanked me for I had wished him good luck and it worked out for him. We started working and soon became good friends. We had few lovely colleagues and made a small group.  We all used to hang out together after office hours and also on holidays too. It was really a lovely group.

Slowly, my friends started to tease me with his name and I never realised that I was having a soft corner for him.

I used to like his company and sometimes he even used to drop me home if I got late from work. I used to help him with his work during office hours and that's why I even got scoldings from my boss. He was an efficient employee himself.

With more passing days, I was getting connected to him deep in my heart. Three months passed by and then a new employee joined us. She was quite beautiful and fast forward. I got a negative feeling from her and also somewhere, it got me a bit insecure that she will join our group of friends. And the same thing happened.

She started getting close to everyone including him. That was the time I realised that something was wrong.

He started giving her more importance but I was always a good friend.

One day, he asked me to help him to know this new girl. That day, something broke within me but I couldn't do anything apart from helping him as I couldn't say no to my best friend. But every time I saw them together, I got sad deep down. He told me that he loved her and wanted me to help. I couldn’t believe it but for the sake of our friendship, I was helpless and made myself strong so that I could help them.

I prepared myself and got ready to be more friendly with the new girl. I tried to find out her feelings for him and help my best friend.

It was so hard for me but I did my best to help him. Another two months passed by and finally, they knew about each other feelings. They expressed it to each other and were in love together. But for me, every day was so hard to work in the same office. So I decided to quit the job and move to a different place

I wished them a happy life and changed the city. I got a job in a different place and moved on.

After a year, I got to know from my friends that just after two months I had left that new girl left the job and disappeared suddenly. My best friend told me that he proposed her with a diamond ring and that girl ran away from the city and also took some cash loan from him. He realised my importance and also said that he proposed the wrong girl but it was too late.

But now, we both are happily settled in different cities and still best friends and in touch...

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