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I'm Her Teacher And I'm Thankful That Parents Like Hers Exist To Save The Future

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I want to write about this girl whom I recently started giving English private tuition. She is in class 8, and is an extremely intelligent and smart girl. I go to her house to teach her twice a week. On the very first day, I discovered a shy girl who was feeling quite uncomfortable to talk to me. I love kids. I am not boasting but kids somehow get drawn to me naturally. I tried to make her feel comfortable and it didn't take much time for her to open up to me. I gradually discovered that she is creative, very talented, and well-mannered. She can paint very well, and looking at her artwork, nobody would believe that it's painted by a 13-year-old.

With such maturity she talks and behaves, I sometimes get awe-stricken. Well, I give the entire credit to the unique way in which her parents brought her up.

In today’s time, all parents put tremendous pressure on their children to be a part of the rat race and to win and to get better. Children lose their individuality in meeting the expectations of parents. But here, in this house, I see a completely different picture. Her parents put no pressure on her to study. Whatever she studies, she does it according to her own wish. She gets to love studies without feeling any kind of pressure. Her parents have no issue if she chooses to pursue higher studies in art in future. They are there to guide her, not to bully her all the time.

I am not saying all parents bully their children but many do. If she gets poor marks in any subject (which rarely happens), her parent, instead of shouting at her tries to encourage her that it is not the end of the world and getting good marks is not the ultimate motto of life.

They encourage her to be passionate, compassionate, and optimistic all the time. I saw her father ask her opinion about important decisions (according to her age though, it was a big deal). They never blow her off saying, "You are just a child." I saw a very good effect of this type of attitude on her, she considers herself an important member of the family and is always ready to take responsibility. I love this girl very much and I hope she keeps on shining like this always. I know that there are many families who bring up their children in this way. I just shared it to encourage this method of bringing up children.

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