I Was Cheating On My Husband And He Knew It: He Still Wanted Me To Be With Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 20 May, 2017

Abhinav and I met in 2008 and got married in 2012. This journey was not so simple and smooth. When we initially started hanging out, I always wondered how can someone be so good? He was such a gentleman and a guy who was easily liked by everyone.

We both fell in love with each other. We are two completely different people. I am bubbly, fun loving and very talkative in nature and he is completely the opposite. I always call him a bore. I always knew that he loved me truly but I always missed those filmy, romantic gestures which we generally watch in movies.

He never gave me any surprises, was never romantic, hardly expressed his love. He would never do anything to make me feel special. This was the one thing I felt was missing in my life; I always knew he loved me deeply.

One year into our relationship, he had to move to a different city for work. Long distance was difficult but I never felt insecure. We were able to maintain our relationship and finally our marriage was fixed in 2011. We were both so happy and I started dreaming about our life together.

It was a little difficult for me to convince my family because he comes from a different culture but I managed as he was a nice guy and everybody liked him. Right after our marriage got fixed and just three months before our marriage, I got my dream job. Both the things that I wanted the most came to me at the same time and it was a disaster. 

I met with a guy called Sachin in my new office and we became very close to each other. We exchanged numbers and started talking to each other for hours. He was completely different from Abhinav. He was cute, funny, outspoken and way too filmy; everything my husband was not. I started enjoying his company but I never hid anything from him.

He knew everything but still we both could not control our feelings and fell in love with each other. I don't know how this happened? I just could not hide this from my husband. We were talking over Skype and I knew he noticed my changed behavior. I could not hide my feelings and confessed that I was attracted to this guy in office. Tears poured down his eyes and my heart broke into little pieces.

I apologized and promised him that everything will be fine but I just could not stop myself from falling for Sachin. My marriage date was nearing and Sachin started forcing me to break it.

But how could I break a four year old relationship for something that’s only 15 days old? I had a very strong emotional bond with Abhinav. I didn't have the courage to call off the marriage as I always believed in karma and thought I will never be happy if I hurt him. I knew he could not live without me.

Abhinav gave me the option to choose Sachin and stay happy but I could not do it. Despite still having feeling for Sachin, I married Abhinav finally. I was so unhappy, marriage felt like a sacrifice. 15 days into our marriage, Abhinav had to get back to his job in a different city. I decided never to talk to Sachin again but we just couldn’t stop; we kept falling deeper everyday.

Sachin was willing to accept me if I divorced my husband but that was something I could never do. I never had the courage to hurt my husband. My husband used to visit me every 2 months and he somehow knew I wasn’t in love with him anymore. 

I wanted to get a transfer and move in with Abhinav but since the process was taking way too long, I asked him to look for a job in my city instead. He did not want me to be in the same city as Sachin and so he refused. He was in depression as I was away from him even after marriage. I could feel his pain, I was cheating on my husband and he knew it.. he just wanted me to be with him.


I was in a disastrous situation. I had no peace in my life. I knew I was wrong but I didn’t stop. My life was a mess. After about a year, I got a transfer and I moved to my husband's place. I never met Sachin after that. My husband was extremely happy getting me back. He loved me wholeheartedly and beyond my expectations. I was still in touch with Sachin but I didn't want any romantic relationship. 

I told him that now I want stability in life and wish to live a normal married life. I wanted him to be friends with me but he didn’t agree so we stopped talking. I wanted to come out of this mess and wanted to give my 100% to this marriage. 

I asked my husband why he didn't leave me even after he got to know I was cheating you. He said, "I just waited to be with you, I knew you always loved me just that you thought you’d stopped loving me. I had full faith that you will realize it soon and my 4 years of love will win over your new love." And he was right.

I love him deeply and realized it soon after I started living with him. No one can love me like this. He forgot everything but I always regret and feel guilty. I wish I could change all this. I am not in touch with Sachin any longer but I hope he is happy. Me and my husband are living very happily together and we are expecting our first child soon. Life turned out to be so beautiful and I can proudly say that I love my husband madly and deeply.